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Dean Men Honghua’s new book Twelve Lectures on Chinese Strategy is published

Dean Men Honghua’s new book Twelve Lectures on Chinese Strategy was published by China Social Sciences Press in March 2021 (ISBN978-7-5203-7783-6)


The rise of China goes hand in hand with the transformation of the world, advancing the arrival of a new strategic era and making China's strategic direction a world focus. Against such a background, this book, based on an overall consideration of both domestic and international situations and with a focus on the construction of China's national strategic system, makes an in-depth analysis of the radical changes in external environment, national construction tasks and global strategic missions facing China in the new era at the levels of national, regional and global strategy. The book also explores how China can, based on innovation in strategic thinking, actively shape its period of strategic opportunities, improve strategies related to opening-up, national security, the Belt and Road Initiative, regional cooperation, and global governance, etc., and proactively cope with the changing relations with the US and Japan. Based on this, it helps readers to gain a deeper understanding of the colorful prospect of the relationship between China and the rest of the world in the new era, and depicts China's strategic framework with integration, transformation and shaping as its core pillars.

This book is a supporting textbook for 'China and the World in the New Era', a key construction course for undergraduate students in Shanghai, a quality course for innovation and entrepreneurship at Tongji University, and a quality general education course at Tongji University. It can be used as a reference for teaching & research in majors like political science, science of strategy, Marxist theory, economics, and management, and for the decision-making of relevant departments.

About the Author:

Men Honghua, Distinguished Professor, Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations and President of the Institute for China & World Studies, Tongji University, Director of Tongji Base for Research on International Governance of Cyberspace under the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) & the Ministry of Education (MOE), a member of the Colleges and Universities Political Science Steering Committee of MOE, and a guest supervisor of the Shanghai Municipal Supervisory Committee. Professor Men’s publications include 15 Chinese and English monographs such as China's Grand Strategy - A Framework Analysis, five textbooks such as International Politics (a key textbook of the Central Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project), 16 translated books including Power and Interdependence, more than 50 edited or co-authored books like Chinese Journal of Strategic Studies - Strategic Thinking on China's Soft Power. He has published over 160 academic papers on journals such as Social Sciences in China (SSIC).

Table of Contents:


Lecture 1 International Strategic Studies and Teaching in China in the New Era

Lecture 2 A Once-in-a-Century Change and the Shaping of China's Period of Strategic Opportunities

Lecture 3 National Positioning and the Framework for China's Grand Strategy

Lecture 4 A Once-in-a-Century Change and China's Diplomatic Innovation (2009-2019)

Lecture 5 China's Opening Up in the New Era

Lecture 6 An Overall National Security Outlook and National Security Path with Chinese Characteristics

Lecture 7 China's Strategic Response to Global Governance Crisis and Change

Lecture 8 The Power Structure in East Asia and China's Strategy for Regional Order

Lecture 9 The Belt and Road Initiative and China’s Engagement with the World

Lecture 10 China's Strategy towards the US in the New Era

Lecture 11 China-Japan Relations in the New Era with a Shift from Competition to Coordination

Lecture 12 China’s Approach to Creating an Ideal World