Qinghaistudents returning to Huangchuan for an information session, with the help of the School

January 25-26, 2021

The School of Political Science & International Relations (SPSIR) of Tongji University organized an information session for student enrollment in Qinghai called “Back to Huangchuan” joined by students graduating from Huangchuan Senior High School, in an effort to strengthen our enrollment publicity, demonstrate our education effectiveness, professional advantages and talent training characteristics, help Qinghai middle school students better understand the history and spirit of Tongji, and display and publicize the academic and enterprising spirit and colorful campus cultural life at Tongji. 

Huangchuan Senior High School ranks first in terms of school operation conditions and achievements in Qinghai, and it is also a nationally renowned senior high school. Over the years, Huangchuan candidates for the national college entrance examination have accounted for half of the top 100 students in the province, and Huangchuan students admitted to Tongji University every year also account for about half of the Qinghai students admitted to Tongji University. On January 25-26, 2021, eight Tongji students of class 2019 and 2020 returned to their mother school for an information session organized by Tongji. Before the event, Dean Men Honghua, Associate Dean Zhong Zhenming and Assistant Professor Liu Xiaoyang of SPSIR contacted the leaders of Huangchuan including headmaster and academic director to nail down the process, and gave careful guidance to the participating students to ensure the success of the event.

After returning to Qinghai, these students performed the specific tasks assigned according to their major and strengths, including making PPT, printing display boards, and generating QR code for the WeChat group of enrollment Q&A. The students performed their respective duties and made full preparations for this event through teamwork.

At 17:00 on January 25 and 12:00 on January 26, these students waited at the gate of the senior high school with the display boards, and handed out the brochures and QR code to students who came for consultation, warming up for the formal event at 17:00 on January 26. It aroused great enthusiasm, as many students continued to consult their seniors for specific time and place of the event.

The information session officially kicked off at 17:00 on January 26. The eight students worked in two groups: on-campus and off-campus. In the lecture hall of Huangchuan Senior High School, Zhang Shuqi, Zhang Wenrui, Ma Ziqing, Ma Cundi and Hou Yayue briefed the younger students about Tongji University and its programs, and shared their learning experience before the college entrance examination. The high school students listened carefully and asked many questions about the study and campus life at Tongji. Some of them showed great interest in our advantageous programs, such as Architectural Planning, Medical Science, Information Technology, Intelligent Transportation, International Relations and Sociology. Some students even said they would paste the Tongji postcards issued by the seniors on the desk as a motivation.

Xue Yaojia, Chen Qi and Luo Yongqiang carried out a joint off-campus session with students from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, etc. The Tongji booth was crowded with students for consultation. The three Tongji students introduced all kinds of information about Tongji to many interested students and parents who failed to attend the on-campus session. Even some fresh students with a dream of being admitted to Tongji specially came to ask for advice out of admiration.

During the session, each team member introduced Tongji University and its admission policies in novel and diverse forms, focusing on the distinct and prominent themes. The on-campus team made a detailed introduction to the high school students about the characteristics of different schools and specialties, training objectives and training programs of Tongji through the video “Joining Tongji to Set Sail Together” and the PPTs about the disciplines and specialties. The team members also played the video clips of study and campus life to introduce the differences between the ideal and the reality, the preparations needed for personal role change, and the skills they can learn from Tongji, showing the young students a wonderful university life. They also illustrated the differences between college life and high school life, and encouraged the students to study hard and strive for more choices in their future.

In this event, more than 400 copies of brochures were distributed; 117 students joined the WeChat group of enrollment Q&A; and more than 60 questions were answered online. The event was well received by students and their parents in Qinghai, with desired effects achieved. The eight members participating in this event passed on their experience in every regard to their younger schoolmates, and further strengthened the partnership between Tongji and Huangchuan.