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Professor Men Honghua is appointed to the editorial board of China International Studies

In January 2021, Men Honghua, Distinguished Professor, Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations and President of the Institute for China & World Studies, Tongji University, was appointed by the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) as an editorial board member of the Journal of China International Studies.

Founded in 1959, the China International Studies is a pioneer in international studies in China. Its journal title was inscribed by Marshal Chen Yi, the then Vice Premier and Foreign Minister. It is an academic journal patronized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, published by CIIS, and supported by the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC). Its academic influence has been highly recognized by all sectors.  

 In over 60 years since its inception, the Journal has adhered to the correct purpose and direction, followed academic standards, and pursued an objective analysis of international situations and issues, gradually forming its own characteristics. To be specific, it focuses on researches on strategic, forward-looking and comprehensive issues; different from pure rational research, it is policy-oriented and emphasizes the combination of theoretical research with diplomatic practices, mainly studying major practical issues like international focuses or hotspots under the guidance of diplomatic theory with Chinese characteristics; it insists on taking a Chinese perspective, elaborating and presenting the views and positions of Chinese scholars on major international issues to the public at home and abroad.